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Women Empow erment in Mining: A Case Study o f Taita Taveta County

To achieve sustainable development in the extractives industry in Africa and the world at large, requires appropriate empowerment of women in the sector. This will enhance attainment of UN SDG 5; gender equality and also aid in reducing poverty, building more inclusive, peaceful and prosperous nations. This study evaluates the level of empowerment of women in the mining industry with an emphasis of Taita-Taveta County. The study analyzed the challenges women face in the mining sector, their recommendations and suggestions of their empowered in the mining operations. Data was acquired through interviews and questionnaires whereby women respondents were identified through snow balling sampling methods. Desk survey, literature review and internet research were employed to explore the status of women empowerment in mining at a wider scope. Statistical data packages were used to analyze the data that was presented in pie charts, graph and map. Results indicated that 51% of the respondents have been in the mining industry for a duration of between 1-5 years. That shows the majority of women in the sector do not have long term expertise and experience and there is a felt need to empower them. Lack of finances and equipment was highlighted as a major challenge by a majority of women. They recommended that the government of Kenya should to put in place legislative, financial, academic, marketing and security mechanisms to enhance women empowerment in the mining industry in the County and country at large.

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