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Factors Hindering Environmentally Sustainable Mining in Mkuki, Taita Taveta County

This paper purposed to find out the factors hindering environmentally sustainable mining in Mkuki, to come up with effective solutions, while applying environmental engineering concepts. The focus was on why artisanal and other small scale miners in Mkuki region, Taita Taveta County have failed to practice environmentally sound and sustainable mining, and how environmental engineering can be applied to provide effective solutions to the case. The research employed primary methods for data collection, using both quantitative and qualitative approaches to data analysis. Focus groups and surveys were used to collect data from the local miners. The research’s findings indicated that the lack of government support and the fact that miners lacked knowledge of what sustainability mining is were the major hindrances to environmentally sustainable mining. Thus it was concluded that having know-how of sustainability management in mines and government coming in to support the gaining of the said knowledge is crucial towards realizing sustainable mining in Mkuki. Thus, it was recommended that awareness should be created through community gatherings, local newspapers, and even local media stations of the concept of sustainability and its importance. Capacity building and education of the local communities through workshops and training would also be crucial towards realizing sustainable mining in the region.

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