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Challenges and Prospects for Small Scale Mining Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Three Counties in Kenya

Small-scale mining entrepreneurs are faced with diverse challenges during both their business start-up and growth phase not only in Kenya but across the world hence losing possible prospects. Across the Sub-Saharan region, mining has gained wide attraction due to the uniqueness of the mineral deposits, including precious gemstones and gold. Despite its attractiveness, the small-scale mining entrepreneurs are faced with diverse challenges; lack of support, political instability leading to resources conflicts, and insufficient market information. The small-scale mining entrepreneurs rarely take advantage of the opportunities available to them, which in turn retard their business growth. The core aim of this paper is to explore the challenges faced by small-scale mining entrepreneurs in Kenya and the available support structures. The research problem in this study is that the mining sector across the Sub-Saharan region is biased towards more established companies and against small-scale mining, therefore, marginalizing the small-scale mining entrepreneurs. To achieve this, a mixed research paradigm was instituted for data collection and analysis. A series of face to face interviews with mining entrepreneurs in Kenya was conducted to generate data. Eighteen small-scale mining entrepreneurs were randomly selected from Taita Taveta, Baringo, and Nandi to participate in this study. The findings of this research concur with the reviewed literature that there are plenty of prospects available to mining entrepreneurs. However, to ensure the sustainability of the sector, it was established that the outstanding prospects were funding and free training.

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