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Value Addition on Gemstones an d its Impacts on Kenyan Economy

This research entails the study of value addition on gemstones and its impacts on the Kenyan economy. The paper focuses on gemstone mining in Baringo and Taita Taveta counties. The gems and jewellery industry is one of Kenya’s promising industries with a potential multi-billion-dollar market across the globe. The main Gemstones mined in Kenya include Tsavorite, aquamarine, emerald, tourmaline, and ruby. The industry can create huge job opportunities, stimulate other economic sectors such as tourism, and also generate foreign exchange. However, due to lack of value addition, the Kenyan gemstone miners have ended up being exploited, hence, receiving no benefits from their business ventures. This research evaluates how mined gemstones can be added value before being sold. Value addition is the enhancement and improvement of a mineral that is done before selling the minerals. By adding value, small-scale gemstone entrepreneurs will benefit from the proven international and local markets as a result of the high prices of their products. The research discusses the application of the four C’s criteria of grading; the use of colour, clarity, cut, and carat-weight to grade. The research also discusses various faceting machines that may be used. However, one machine is proposed as the most appropriate one for cutting and polishing gems. The researcher further highlights how the value addition on the gemstones will impact on Kenyan economy and its subsequent contribution in realizing the Big Four; manufacturing, universal health coverage, food security, and affordable housing as well as achieving Vision 2030

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