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Hydrophobic Flocculation flotation of ultra f ine coal using a mixed flocculant of emulsified kerosene and Flomin C9606

Coal slimes form the major hurdle in coal preparation plants due to their small sizes. With advancement of technology in mineral processing field; several new techniques and new reagents schemes have been developed for upgrading of ultra-fine coal particles which include: Oil agglomeration, Selective flocculation or Hydrophobic Flocculation flotation techniques. In this study the main focus was Hydrophobic Flocculation flotation (HFF) to upgrade the ultrafine coal particles. The research was conducted through grinding, flocculation then flotation of the hydrophobic flocs. Mixed collector composed of emulsified kerosene and Flomin C9606 was tested as possible coal flocculating agent. The coal sample was first subjected to grinding process to determine its grinding fineness. The sample was then flocculated and finally floated.

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