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Challenges and Prospects for Small Scale Mining Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Three Counties in Kenya

Small-scale mining entrepreneurs are faced with diverse challenges during both their business start-up and growth phase not only in Kenya but across the world hence losing possible prospects. Acros...

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A Spectroscopic Study: Quantitative Removal and In Situ Detection of Lead in Aqueous Medium Using Quercetin Pentaphosphate

Lead is a heavy metal pollutant that is present in the environment from various industrial effluents. Application of green chemistry principles has attracted the attention of scientists in recent y...

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Value Addition on Gemstones an d its Impacts on Kenyan Economy

This research entails the study of value addition on gemstones and its impacts on the Kenyan economy. The paper focuses on gemstone mining in Baringo and Taita Taveta counties. The gems and jewelle...

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The effectiveness of P orter’s generic competitive strategies on social entrepreneurship performance: A case of the C atholic C hurch, K enya

The aim of social entrepreneurship of the church is socio-economic uplift of its members. Hence, Michael Porters generic competitive strategies, being about tackling and trampling competition, may ...

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Process Engineering: Crux of a Modern Interdisciplinary Engineering Education

Traditionally, the higher education is based on traditionally separated and strongly material related single disciplines, like Mining, Hydrometallurgy, Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering, ...

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Hydrophobic Flocculation flotation of ultra f ine coal using a mixed flocculant of emulsified kerosene and Flomin C9606

Coal slimes form the major hurdle in coal preparation plants due to their small sizes. With advancement of technology in mineral processing field; several new techniques and new reagents schemes ha...

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