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Mining 4.0 in the context of Developing Countries

Mining 4.0 is a general term for the digitalization and the automation of mining operations, both above ground and underground. It is inspired by various factors, such as cost reduction, health and...

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Mineral occurrence and its influence on the design of a tailin gs dam facility; focus on gold

Different minerals and their associated gangue display different physical and chemical characteristics. These properties influence the treatment of these minerals during extraction and the separati...

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Limestone Fragmentation Analysis Using Real Time Digital Imaging

Precise estimation of blasting rock fragments is of extraordinary essentialness in hard rock drill and blast operations. The post-blast rock size appropriation can essentially impact the productivi...

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Likely Employee Response to Mining 4.0: Lessons from Mechanization of Iron Ore Mining in Taita Taveta County, Kenya

The mining process involves exploration, production and post-mining land use. This process has evolved with industrialization. The first industrial revolution was mechanization, the second was mass...

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L and use/land cover classification for the iron mining site of Kishushe, Kenya: A feasibility study of traditional and machine learning algorithms

Motivated by the need to enhance the precision of land use/land cover classification for mining environments challenged by rapid anthropogenic and natural changes, we analysed multispectral Sentine...

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Investigating the impact of rehabilitation cost on a mining project: either included at last year of the life of mine (LOM) or equally distributed annually for LOM

Mine rehabilitation is a mandatory practice for every mine, and the cost includes all the expenditures incurred at the final stage of a mining project to restore the mine to/close to its original s...

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